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Controller-Based Wireless LAN Fundamentals
End-to-end reference guide to design, deploy, manage, and secure 802.11 wireless networks
Jeff Smith 
Jake Woodhams 
Robert Marg

As the cable network replaced with 802.11n wireless connection, users are switching to a centralized enterprise, the next-generation architecture built around the Wireless LAN Controller (WLC).
In the Controller-Based Wireless LAN Association, three senior Cisco wireless experts unite all professional conceptual and practical knowledge necessary confidence to design, configure, deploy, manage, and troubleshoot 802.11n networks with Cisco Unified Wireless Network (CUWN) technology.
The authors first introduce the core principles, components, and the benefits of next-generation wireless networks built with Cisco offerings. This is the only bookFully covers the principles and components of next generation wireless networks built with Cisco and Cisco's 802.11n AP WLCs Bringing together real-world tips, insights, and best practices to design and implement next generation wireless networks Presents start-to-end examples configurations for general deployment scenarios Reflecting extensive first hand experience of the experts Cisco
Operational and gain an understanding of design-level WLAN Controller (WLC) architecture, technology related, and solve problems that they Understand 802.11n, MIMO, and protocols developed to support Cisco WLC architecture Use technology to improve reliability of wireless networks, resilience, and scalability while reducing operational costs, safeguard your assets using the Cisco Unified Wireless Network Design's advanced security features of wireless networks capable of serving as a company? s main or only access the network and supports advanced? Utilizing Cisco's mobility services Wireless Control System (WCS) to plan, deploy, monitor, troubleshoot, and report on wireless networks throughout their life cycle Configure Cisco wireless LAN to quickly overcome the problem of multicasting with Cisco wireless LAN controller based
This book is part of the Cisco Press Fundamentals Series. Books in this series introduce networking professionals to new networking technologies, covering network topologies, sample deployment concepts, protocols, and management techniques.

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