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This book is a direct continuation of the Foundation Game Design with Flash, and is a full points with a roundup of the most important skills a designer needs to know Flash games. You? Will increase your knowledge and your ActionScript game design skills while creating some of the games are excellent examples. ? You will learn the skills of advanced collision; professional AI and pathfinding, and how to load and save game data, creating a damaged environment, and build and switch-level games.Each chapter highlights a new advanced technique is illustrated with practical examples. What you will learn how to use vectors to find out where the object will be and how they should react to the collision collision Pixel-perfect for irregular shapes using hitTest and bitmapData How to use design patterns and abstract data model to efficiently manage complex game? How to create a sophisticated enemy AI system using the strategy in the environment grid-based pathfinding How to use XML to load and save game data How to use sound and music in the game and create particle effect using blitting. This book covers game design strategies and techniques common to many gaming platform design is not just Flash? and will help you create quality games are quick to build and easy to maintain.

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